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Genevieve by NikaGika
A request for malevolent.

Genevieve (c) to malevolent.
Art (c) to myself.
Wild Wine Portrait W.I.P. 2 by NikaGika
Wild Wine Portrait W.I.P. 2
Wild Wine.  A second W.I.P.

Wild Wine and Art (c) to myself.
TDOLS||Caligo||Gerta by NikaGika

Basics -

Name: Gerta
Age: Four years Old
Sex: Female
Pack: Caligo
Rank: N/A.


Breed(s): Doberman, Dogo Argentino, and other breeds.
Magics: Not applicable for new recruits
Personality points:  Quiet - Shy - Curious – Loyal – Kind – AndotherstuffonceIthinkofitLOL   
Personality depth: Gerta is a rather quiet female that generally keeps to herself.  She normally spends time on her own collecting herbs for medicine.  While she tends to stick to herself, if she is needed by he friends, she is there.
History:  Gerta was born and raised in the Caligo pack.  Her mother and father were healers, and passed down a medicine bag to her when she was old enough to help others on her own.  Her parents passed away when she was young, and has since been living on her own.  She does believe in the religion, though she views it differently than her leader, but of course, does not tell her that.  She sees the moon as more benevolent diety.  While Gerta is strong enough to fight, she chooses not to due to the fact her parents were lost that way, and would rather stay on the sidelines, and help heal the injured.  Of course, if her leader tells her so, she will do it.  She finds the wars between the clans pointless and fruitless; she'd rather see all the clans come together in harmony, than have more blood shed.

Lately, she has been wondering what it is like in the Fal’hum pack, and life outside hers in general.  Wishes to one day leave her pack to see, rather than just heed the stories she's been told.

While it may seem it, Gerta is not blind.  Her eyes are a result of a genetic mutation from years of breeding.  Her vision is normal like other dogs.   


Gerta is welcoming of new company, and if curious enough, will go out of her way to meet someone new.  She's rather shy with new faces, and will usually stay quiet, but once she gets to know someone, she gets more talkative.

Relationships: None.

Inspiration: (optional. put music or stuff here.)
Other Art:

Contact info for you for the roluhplay desu -

Skype, Google Docs, etc...  It doesn't matter to me!  Just message me here if you'd like to roleplay!  :D

App © :iconladyxmacabre:
© :iconnikagika:
Chain by NikaGika
A commission for IvyChain.

Chain (c) to IvyChain.
Art (c) to myself.


United States
Current Residence: At home
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite cartoon character: Flapjack
Just leaving a note here saying thank you to the new watchers and people who favorited my artwork!  :D

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Thanks so much for adding me to your watch! It really means a lot. Your drawing is very nice so now... I stalk you back :)
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No problem!  :D

And thank you!  :D
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